How to get sh*t done.

  1. Declutter

The nature of your environment reflects your mental state. Putting things away and clearing up your work space also clears up your head and gives you a neat place to construct your ideas while instilling a sense of focus. It’s like tucking all the distractions away in a box and giving yourself a fresh page to work on. For example you make your bed in the morning, tucking away those cosy blankets for the day and go about your business. At the end of a long day you throw yourself on your bed and when you pull the cold, soft sheets over yourself it’s a different kind of satisfaction all together. It makes you feel that you’ve earned your rest.

2. Write it down.

The best way to never forget the ideas you develop during random times of the day or the tasks you need to complete before day’s end is to simply make a note of it. Now, your brain is relieved from the stress of notifying you to do/ remember things and will feel lighter -giving you more mental space to think. This way you will never lose a really great idea which you made mental notes of only to forget about the entire thing in the next ten minutes. I’m sure we’ve all been there and done that.

3. Planning.

The best way to get things done is by having a basic blueprint of how to reach your ultimate goal and that is why planning is so essential in our daily routine. If you can outline the steps, you need to follow to finish a particular task you would be much more efficient and your result will seem much more put together. Choosing a systematic method to function would increase your chances of being successful to the maximum.

4. Chug chug chug. No, not beer – Coffee.

The reason a cup of coffee wakes you up is quite simply because it refuses to let you feel sleepy! Now, here’s how that’s done neurologically : caffeine (which is our main compound of interest here) in coffee has a chemical structure which is very close to that of a neurotransmitter called – Adenosine whose basic function is to promote sleep and suppress arousal. Caffeine binds to receptors in place of adenosine, thus obstructing it from doing it’s job and since you are no longer sleepy you’re alert and ready to crack on. So, having that jolt of caffeine energy can really get you in a productive mood.

5. Train your brain.

To a lot of people there could be nothing more comforting than spending the day doing nothing. Binge watching shows on Netflix ,wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a wide range of snacks at your disposal. Although that might sound like the most relaxing thing to do and it’s the proper thing to indulge in on some days it definitely is not resemble a productive routine. This will certainly not get you far on your growth scale. One way of self motivation is to notice how you feel after completing a set task vs how you feel after a lazy day. Accomplishing something makes you feel purposeful, like you’ve earned your reward of rest for the day, and you’ve got something to show for. Your day has been well utilized and you are now one step closer to your final goal.

You could combine these five tips or use the ones that suit you as a person to bring out your productive side and you could easily turn a normal day into one that you’re really proud of. Procrastination will slowly fade away and soon become your enemy because you’re going to start loving the feeling of purpose that comes with getting sh*t done.

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